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Данные по рекламе

В рамках выгрузки данных по рекламе — сервис StreamMyData создает таблицу с набором полей, которые, по мнению команды StreamMyData, являются наиболее часто используемыми при создании многих отчетов, систем сквозной аналитики и т.д. 

Выгрузка состоит из набора полей, формируемых при выгрузке из сервиса AppsFlyer следующих отчетов:

Отчеты по сырым данным (неорганические) (Raw data reports (non-organic)) -> Установки (Installs), Внутренние события приложения (In-app events) ;

Отчеты по сырым данным (органические)  (Raw data reports (organic))  -> Установки (Organic installs), Внутренние события приложения (Organic in-app events) ;

Ретаргетинг (Retargeting) -> Внутренние события приложения (In-app events).

НазваниеТип данныхАтрибутКомментарий
attributed_touch_typeSTRINGNULLABLEUA: Possible values: click, impression, pre-installed
Retargeting: click, impression
attributed_touch_timeDATETIMENULLABLEUA: time of the touch we attributed to.
Retargeting: time of the engagement we attributed to.
install_timeDATETIMENULLABLEUA: First launch after install.
Retargeting: First launch after re-engagement/re-attribution
event_timeDATETIMENULLABLETime the event occurred
event_nameSTRINGNULLABLEThe attribution event type or the in-app event name sent by the app. Example attribution event types: install, re-engagement, and so on.
In Data Locker, in the context of retargeting reports, the event name is set as follows: retargeting means re-engagement, install means re-attribution. For SKAN reports, the in-app event name is as configured in AppsFlyer.
For the SKAN SRN report, this is the in-app event name as configured in Meta ads.
event_valueJSONNULLABLEDefault value: null
Contains a string set by apps implementing custom decode or event sending by S2S.
Advertisers consume this in their systems. AppsFlyer doesn’t make use of it.
event_revenueSTRINGNULLABLEValue of revenue using Event Revenue Currency.
Amounts outside of the range $-10,000- $+10,000 (or equivalent) appear in raw data reports but not aggregate reports.
event_revenue_currencySTRINGNULLABLEThe event revenue currency code reported to the SDK.
event_revenue_usdSTRINGNULLABLEThe amount of revenue. The currency will depend on the reporting tool used.
Preferred or selected means the app-specific currency set in the app settings.
Data Locker: always USD
Export page: selected currency
Pull API selectable: USD or selected using &currency=preferred.
Push API: always contains both fields, USD and selected currency
event_sourceSTRINGNULLABLEEither SDK or S2S
is_receipt_validatedBOOLEANNULLABLETRUE/FALSE/NULL when implemented in the SDK, empty otherwise
partnerSTRINGNULLABLEAgency identifier. For SKAN, may not be populated
media_sourceSTRINGNULLABLEThe media source attributed to an event or restricted
channelSTRINGNULLABLEMedia source channel. Example: YouTube for Google, Instagram for Meta ads
keywordsSTRINGNULLABLEWord(s) used in the user’s online search. As reported by the ad network
campaignSTRINGNULLABLECampaign name reported by the ad network to AppsFlyer
campaign_idSTRINGNULLABLECampaign ID
adsetSTRINGNULLABLEAdset name, identifies a group that contains one or more ads
adset_idSTRINGNULLABLEAdset ID, identifies a group that contains one or more ads
ad_typeSTRINGNULLABLEExample: banner, footer
sub_site_idSTRINGNULLABLESub-publisher ID
sub_param1STRINGNULLABLEParameter populated by the advertiser in the attribution link
sub_param2STRINGNULLABLEParameter populated by the advertiser in the attribution link
sub_param3STRINGNULLABLEParameter populated by the advertiser in the attribution link
sub_param4STRINGNULLABLEParameter populated by the advertiser in the attribution link
sub_param5STRINGNULLABLEParameter populated by the advertiser in the attribution link
cost_modelSTRINGNULLABLECost model reported on the attribution link. CPC/CPI/CPM/Other. Currently, all cost is calculated according to CPI regardless of this value
cost_valueSTRINGNULLABLEAmount of Cost Currency. 4 digits after the decimal point permitted. Example: 320.5095
cost_currencySTRINGNULLABLE3-letter currency code (USD, EUR) that complies with ISO-4217. Default is USD.
contributor1_partnerSTRINGNULLABLEAgency or PMD — always converted to lowercase
contributor1_media_sourceSTRINGNULLABLEContributor media source
contributor1_campaignSTRINGNULLABLEContributor campaign
contributor1_touch_typeSTRINGNULLABLEPossible values: click, impression
contributor1_touch_timeDATETIMENULLABLEContributor touch time
contributor2_partnerSTRINGNULLABLEAgency or PMD — always converted to lowercase
contributor2_media_sourceSTRINGNULLABLEContributor media source
contributor2_campaignSTRINGNULLABLEContributor campaign
contributor2_touch_typeSTRINGNULLABLEPossible values: click, impression
contributor2_touch_timeDATETIMENULLABLEContributor touch time
contributor3_partnerSTRINGNULLABLEAgency or PMD — always converted to lowercase
contributor3_media_sourceSTRINGNULLABLEContributor media source
contributor3_campaignSTRINGNULLABLEContributor campaign
contributor3_touch_typeSTRINGNULLABLEPossible values: click, impression
contributor3_touch_timeDATETIMENULLABLEContributor touch time
regionSTRINGNULLABLEUsing the device IP address reported by the SDK. For SKAN, determined according to the country_code
country_codeSTRINGNULLABLECountry Code using ISO 3166 (alpha-2). Example: US, CN.
The United Kingdom code implemented is UK, not GB.
stateSTRINGNULLABLEUsing the device IP address reported by the SDK
citySTRINGNULLABLEThe most granular location of the user based on the device IP. Usually, the value holds a city name, but it can also be districts, boroughs, etc., which are more accurate.
postal_codeSTRINGNULLABLEUsing the device IP address reported by the SDK. For SKAN, starting August 30, 2021, always null
dmaSTRINGNULLABLEDesignated Market Area or geographic areas. Defined by the Nielsen company. Determining user location.
ipSTRINGNULLABLEIP address being IPV4 or IPV6. AppsFlyer uses the address to determine the user location. If needed, advertisers can mask the IP address from reports and postbacks.
operatorSTRINGNULLABLEThe name of the mobile operator derived from the SIM MCCMNC. Available if the user is registered to the network using Android getNetworkOperatorName()
carrierSTRINGNULLABLEThe carrier name provided by Android using getSimCarrierIdName(). See also carrier mapping.
languageSTRINGNULLABLELanguage (locale) reported by the device and set by the device OS. Usually has the form ll-DD. Where ll is the language and DD is the dialect. For example, en-ZA means English as used in South Africa.
apps_flyer_idSTRINGNULLABLEA unique ID generated by the SDK when the app is installed on a device. The ID is used to attribute in-app events in LTV flows, fetch conversion data, and affiliate in-app events.
A new ID is generated if the app is deleted and installed again. Restoring the app from an iCloud backup is not regarded as an install.
For CTV, this field is populated with the custom_device_id (the device ID managed by the advertiser).
advertising_idSTRINGNULLABLEUser-resettable device ID, AKA GAID.
For CTV this is the CTV ID, for example RIDA or VIDA.
idfaSTRINGNULLABLEUser resettable advertising ID found on iOS devices. If IDFA is not available it’s typically populated with Zeros.
android_idSTRINGNULLABLEPermanent device ID
customer_user_idSTRINGNULLABLEA unique app user ID, set by the app owner.
imeiSTRINGNULLABLEPermanent device ID
idfvSTRINGNULLABLEVendor ID provided by iOS
platformSTRINGNULLABLEDevice platform: iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile
device_typeSTRINGNULLABLEThe commercial model name of the device.
[Starting Feb 2, 2022, this field is no longer populated]
Instead of this field use Device model which is similarly populated.
Example:Device model: xiaomi::Redmi Note 8
Device type: xiaomi-Redmi Note 8
Device model: iPhone7
Device type: iPhone 7
os_versionSTRINGNULLABLEDevice operating system version
app_versionSTRINGNULLABLESet by the advertiser
sdk_versionSTRINGNULLABLEAppsFlyer SDK version
app_idSTRINGNULLABLEUnique app identifier in Appsflyer. Example:
iOS: id123456789
Android: com.appsflyer.referrersender
app_nameSTRINGNULLABLESet by the advertiser
bundle_idSTRINGNULLABLEiOS: Identification to match either a single app or a group of apps in iOS (See Apple developer bundle ID)
Android: App ID
Note: This field is not related to AppsFlyer PBA.
is_retargetingBOOLEANNULLABLEUA: False
Retargeting: True for retargeting conversions and events
retargeting_conversion_typeSTRINGNULLABLEUA: Re-install
Re-targeting: Re-engagement, Re-attribution
Deprecation planned: This field will be deprecated in the future. Use conversion_type and campaign_type to determine the context of the conversion.
attribution_lookbackSTRINGNULLABLEMaximum period of time when an install can be attributed to a specific ad.
UA: For click attribution, set on the af_click_lookback attribution link parameter.
Retargeting: Set in app settings for Retargeting click-through lookback.
reengagement_windowSTRINGNULLABLERetargeting: The time period during which events are attributed to a retargeting campaign
Note: The field is not populated in retargeting campaigns.
is_primary_attributionBOOLEANNULLABLEUA: TrueRetargeting: During a re-engagement window, we attribute to both the original media source (before the re-engagement) and to the re-engagement media source. While the event is within the re-engagement window. The original media source will be FALSE (not primary attribution). The re-engagement media source will be TRUE. More details
user_agentSTRINGNULLABLEThe URL/device user agent
http_referrerSTRINGNULLABLEIdentifies the address of the webpage that linked to the AppsFlyer click URL. By checking the referrer, you can see where the request originated.
original_urlSTRINGNULLABLEUA: Click/impression URL used. If the link is a Branded Link: the field is populated using the branded link.
Retargeting: contains one of the following: Retargeting link, deep linking data, empty for SRNs.

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